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What happened to Where to watch Naruto Anime




For you who don’t know, narutoget was a host site of the famous Naruto Anime series and included episodes of Naruto Shippuden. Now when I say host site I mean a somewhat sketchy downloading site.

But the Naruto Anime fans loved it, so it’s all good right?

Well not exactly.

Whatever happened to Natutoget?

You see, as with all good fan sites testing the edges of the law, it was apparently hit with a cease and desist or that’s how the rumor goes.

And as the site didn’t have permission to stream this Naruto Anime series, the hosting companies, GoDaddy and HostGator had to close them down for good. But fear not. This is the Internet and doors are rarely closed for long.

Narutoget is Reborn

So it didn’t take much digging to find Naruto Anime videos are now being streamed on

How originally thoughtful of the owners, to release Naruto back into the wild again. 😉

And you know this time it’s legit because I found this in the footer.


And I especially love the ‘Contact Us (new us)’ as to say we are different so it’s all good 😛 But each one of these links takes you nowhere so it’s all for show. lol



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