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spy dialer: What does Spy Dialer do?



spy dialer

Spy Dialer is an online application that allows users to discover the source of unmarked phone numbers anonymously. It does this by connecting users to the voice mailbox of the telephone number so that you don’t have to talk to someone you may not want to speak with.

Here’s how it works:

  • Type in a number at
  • The application will access the number’s voicemail.
  • Listen to the voicemail and hope they have a revealing voice message.

You can also perform a simple reverse cell phone lookup with SpyDialer, but it isn’t very sophisticated. I put in my own number once and it showed my mother’s maiden name and my city of birth.

There are offerings on that give you more insight. There is a FREE, a SHARE, and a PAY version.

spy dialer: What does Spy Dialer do?


  • The free version allows for 3 “spy dials” per day.
  • The share version requires you to share your address book with in exchange for 100 “spy dials” per day.
  • The pay version costs $10 per year but gives you 100 spy dials each day for a year.

Use cases:

If a creepy person keeps calling you, you can look them up with spy dialer.

If you get a missed call from a number you don’t recognize, you can look up the number without having to call them back.

You accidentally erase contact information in your phone and you want to discover who the number belongs to without calling or texting them. Hope this was helpful!



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