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Offervault Keyword Research:

Hey, guys.
Welcome to the first Post of the six-figure
affiliate marketing/CPA marketing case study

I’m going to show you how
to create a themed YouTube channel in a specific
niche and then build that channel eventually
up to six figures.

The theme that we’re going with and the niche
that we’re going with is going to be the health
niche and specifically weight loss and dieting.
This is going to be a review channel where
we review different new trending supplements
that are being released to the market on a
a daily and weekly basis.

You guys may be familiar with my Real IM reviews
I was able to take this channel to six figures
in internet marketing and make money online

You can see that there’s only right around
1,700 subscribers.

The view counts on the videos are between
a hundred and a couple thousand per video.
That goes to show you that you don’t need
a lot of traffic, you don’t need a lot of
subscribers, you don’t need a lot of viewers
to be successful with this method because
we’re attracting people that have buyer intent.
In other words, they’ve got their credit card
out and they’re ready to make a purchasing


How to Get Free Amazon FBA course?
What is an Invoice?

Contrary to popular belief that you need a
a ton of subscribers, you need a ton of viewers
to make a lot of money on YouTube, you don’t.
I’m going to prove that to you throughout
this very case study.

I’ve taken this formula and created a multiple
a six-figure yearly business using nothing more
then my laptop, a smartphone, a little microphone
here and a screen sharing software.
I’m going to show you how to deploy this inside
of your own business.

You’re not going to need to show your face
if you don’t want to although that does help,
but we’re going to be doing PowerPoint slide
share videos throughout this case study.

the overview of this specific case study series,
you can actually go to my channel.
Simply type in Joshua Elder and you can go
to the last video that I posted up to this
the point, which is the CPA marketing tutorial
free traffic, free affiliate marketing traffic

I’ll go ahead and link that down below in
the resources section so I have a little bit
more of an overview.

But this is going to be a seven-part case
study series.
This is video number one, which is going to
be market research/keyword research.
Again, you guys already know the niche that
I’m going into.

Watch video for further details: Offervault Keyword Research

Offervault Keyword Research



How to Get Free Amazon FBA course?




How to Get Free Amazon FBA course

what’s up guys welcome to my blog if you’ve never been here welcome so in this blog I’m gonna discuss and reveal how you can get Free courses without buying it including Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, or probably any other courses but before that let’s take a step back and discuss why people buy the course and do you need it.

amazon fba course

I can think of three reasons why people buy the course. The first one is because they are afraid that they will

1. Fail if they do not purchase the program.

2. The second one is because they don’t know that you can succeed and do well without
buying the course and

3. the third one is because they want to get access to private groups which come with a purchase of the course.

Well, I have a different opinion on whether you need to buy a course or not. Most of the people saying that you need to buy a course well I’m saying that you do not need to buy a course because you can easily succeed without it.

I know many people who succeeded without buying a course and doing really well, doing solid numbers on Amazon and I’m one of them. I mean let’s get things straight why people ending up buying the course because they don’t know where to start.

They don’t know what’s the first the step should be so I hope this video will help you a lot and without any further do let’s jump in and I’m gonna show you how to get free courses.

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What is an Invoice?




what is an invoice

what is an in.voice

An invoice is a bill you send to your
clients outlining the work you performed,
what they owe you for your services and
how they should pay you.

This document is especially relevant to service-based business owners—so think of anyone from

from photographers who bill for their shooting hours to legal firms that bill for time.
Besides getting paid, there are many other reasons to send an invoice:

  • To clearly outline the projects or services provided
  • To keep track of business revenue for tax season
  • To help forecast future income

And to even leave a lasting impression on your clients,
by adding a business logo, branding or leaving a thank you note
And every invoice comes with its key components—ultimately,
the things you need to outline in order to get paid without a fuss.

The most effective invoices always include the following sections:
The header: Which includes a logo, contact information, invoice date, invoice number—
and even the Amount Due for those who view the invoice at a glance.

The body: Which includes the list of items of the completed work,
discounts offered applicable taxes and Amount Due.

The footer: This is where you’ll outline payment terms, due dates,
preferred method of payments and thank you messages.

Remember, equipping yourself with good invoicing practices is critical to your success.
Not only does it help you get paid and look professional to your clients,
it also helps you manage your accounting and, ultimately, grow your business.

So are you ready to create your invoice? Get started by using a free template from FreshBooks.
You can choose from a number of styles based on your industry and preferred file format.

What is an Invoice?

Visit to start creating yours.

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