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chromebook keyboard shortcuts



chromebook keyboard shortcuts

Hi this POST, we will look at the updated keyboard shortcuts for Chromebooks . Sometime in early to mid-2018 Google changed the ctrl alt? keyboard command on Chromebooks in the past that combination would bring up a keyboard overlay.

Whereas now it brings up this window. in this new window, it categorizes the shortcuts in the left pane. Which make searching pretty easy as long as you know the name of what you’re looking for (more on that later) For example,

let’s take a look at caps to lock When you look at the keyboard of a Chromebook. there’s no caps lock button Instead it’s a search button that behaves similar to the start or Windows icon on a PC So how do we activate caps lock? Well, if we search for caps lock in the keyboard shortcut window We see that it is done by pressing the Alt + search key together A pop-up window appears letting us know that caps lock is enabled and I can turn off caps lock by either pressing that same key combination again or by pressing the search key Let’s look at some other fairly popular shortcuts ,

So cutting: I can see by searching for cut that the shortcut is the same as many other machines ctrl + X So I can either click on an item or a highlight over text press Ctrl X on the keyboard and will it will be cut from the original source Copy and paste are also very similar to other machines to copy something I can press Ctrl C and to paste I can press Ctrl + V many people are unsure ,

how to take a screenshot on Chromebooks and here is where knowing the name is helpful when I search for Screenshot I see that there are two options screenshot and partial screenshot A screenshot takes an image of the entire screen and you can see a pop-up window appears letting me know that A partial screenshot acts very similar to the snipping tool in Windows and Grab It on Macs ,

You can see my cursor turns into a crosshair and I now can click and drag on my trackpad The light area on my screen will be the image of the screenshot and when I release by trackpad You can see that the picture is taken. I get a pop-up window similar to what we saw before.

Now if you don’t know the proper name of a keyboard shortcut, my suggestion is to go to Google and type in your question Nine times out of ten. You’ll find what you’re looking for So there you have it the updated keyboard shortcut menu for Chromebooks If you have any questions on this topic or anything else ed tech related, please feel free to COMMENT below,


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